Tips to working with a copywriter for your website

hands typing on laptop to illustrate copywriting for website conceptWhy use a copywriter for your website?

Clear and compelling writing is a must if you want people to engage with your website. You want your readers to understand what you do and persuade them to use your products or services. If writing is not your strong point then, in the long-run, it will pay to employ a professional copywriter for your website.

Here are a few tips to make working with a copywriter smooth and successful

Before you contact a copywriter

  • Think about what you want from the copywriter and what you need to achieve from your project. Ask friends or business colleagues for recommendations or look online. Ask for testimonials or copy samples to give you an idea of writing style.
  • Find out what the copywriter will be able to do for you. For example, some copywriters will also do keyword research.
  • Explore the pricing options. Some copywriters charge per word; some use time and others will offer you a package price for a certain number of pages or blog posts. Each has its pros and cons so look for a pricing option that is most cost-effective for you.
  • Most copywriters work remotely, so you are free to choose anyone you like. If you are keen for face-to-face meetings, look for a copywriter who is local, or will take Skype calls.

At the beginning of the project

  • Be clear about your expectations and what the project entails.
  • Set pricing and deadlines and revision chances up front.
  • Some copywriters will have a contract you can sign, or you can draw one up. Some work without a contract. In this case, it is a good idea to get the main points such as agreed price, amount and deadlines in an email so you have something in writing.
  • If you want the copywriter to include certain information or keywords in the copy make sure you provide these at the beginning. This can be particularly important if your product or service is technical or needs specific wording. For example, if you are a lawyer or an accountant.
  • Do you want your copywriter to create the meta descriptions for your pages?

During and after the project

  • If the project is being delivered in stages, ensure that the milestones are being met.
  • If something changes that will have an impact on the copy, let the writer know in good time.
  • Once you have received the copy read it through. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes if you feel the brief hasn’t been met. Most professional copywriters will agree to at least one round of changes as part of the price.

And lastly, once you are happy – don’t forget to pay your copywriter!

If you are looking for a copywriter, then I recommend you can contact Arwen Hann at Arwen is based in Wellington but works with clients throughout New Zealand. She specialises in working with small businesses to develop website and blog copy.

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