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WordPress Plugins for Images

Finding the best WordPress Plugins for Images isn’t easy. There are hundreds of options, and they all have different features.

WordPress Plugins for Images: Sliders and Carousels

For Full-Width Responsive Sliders, I use Soliloquy. It uses a shortcode so you can embed it on a widget but also on a page or post. You can add your text (with HTML) as an overlay. It is easy to style the overlay with a background, add a button etc. The premium version has some nice features including using smaller sized images for small screens to keep the mobile page speed fast. Read the WordPress Plugin page to learn about all the features. It is easy to use, and its load time is fast I use this most frequently on the homepage with a call to action.

I also use the Meta Slider for portfolios,  where the quality and exact sizing of the images is more important than the load time.


This plugin is fantastic for logos, where I set the slide size to 150px, and a client can easily add additional logos. You set the width of the carousel to full width. The below is a screenshot, in the live version, it is not one long image but many small images  that can link through to the company website

WordPress Plugins for Images: Galleries, Grids and Mosaics

For Mosaic or Grid Galleries where you want to control the layout rather than let the plugin arrange the images, I recommend a premium WordPress Plugin for Images: https://codecanyon.net/item/media-grid-wordpress-responsive-portfolio/2218545.

The plugin author provides excellent support and is well worth paying for additional support services if you have any trouble.

It integrates beautifully with Woocommerce, with an option to set up the gallery so that when you hover over the image, you are taken directly to the product page.

Screenshot of a gallery created using the Media Grid

Plugins to Optimise Your Images

I also recommend adding image optimisation plugins. Images are factor in your website speed.  I use https://imagify.io/wordpress/ which resizes on upload and compresses images. It is a paid service though. Other options include Imsanity or  Wp Smush

WordPress Plugins for Search

For Woocommerce I recommend: Woocommerce Product Search

For a better search for your WordPress website I use this plugin: Better Search

If you want to have the terms highlighted in the search and you are using a StudioPress Genesis framework then set the ThemeSettings > Content Archives Select “Display Post Excerpts.”

Wordpress plugins for small Business | Content Archives

Plugins for comments

1. Copy or Move comments plugin

These plugins give you the ability to copy comments to a particular page. For example to collect your positive comments on a customer feedback page.

I mostly use this plugin to move comments when I overhaul a page or post. For example, if I make one page into two separate pages, I can move the comments under the relevant content on the correct page.

2. Verifying Email Address Plugin

When a comment is held for moderation, an email message is sent to the comment author with a link to verify the comment author’s email address. If it is the first time someone is commenting on the blog, they will need to verify their email address.

3. Thanking visitors who comment

This plugin gives the ability to thank a customer when they write their first comment on your site.  After sending the comment, the visitor is automatically directed to a page of your choice, which contains your message thanking them. I recommend writing a comments policy to set standards for comments.

Here are some examples:

Daily Post Comment Guidelines

Content Marketing Institute’s Comment Policy

And a couple of helpful articles:

Prevent anonymous comments WordPress from Yoast

Recommended Premium Plugins

  • Yoast Local SEO Plugin Licence is included in our Local SEO Plans.
  • Yoast Premium SEO Plugin Licence is included in our SEO Plans.
  • WP Rocket for caching.
  • WP Google Maps Pro
  • Event Calendar Pro

I have used the following Premium Plugins for Woocommerce

  • Check out Field Editor: This provides an easy interface to add, edit and remove fields on the checkout page, meaning you can collect extra information from your customers or remove unnecessary field easily. If you have a whole form of information to collect from your customers, eg registration for a special event then I recommend Gravity forms for Woocommerce instead.
  • Product Enquiry Form: This plugin adds an enquiry form to your product and is useful for Woocommerce Marketplace
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: For selling subscriptions through your store.
  • Woocommerce Memberships
  • WooCommerce Bookings: For booking an appointment
  • Product Vendors: For creating a marketplace like Etsy on your site.
  • WooCommerce Social Login: Provides social login for customers.
  • Table Rate Shipping: This provides a great deal more shipping options for your store.
  • Product Add-Ons: For adding extras to a product, eg gift wrap
  • Groups for WooCommerce: For sites that sell membership.
  • Catalog Visibility Options This makes your store function like an online catalogue.
  • Gravity Forms Product Add-ons: For adding forms to a product, eg event registration.
  • Advanced Notifications: More options for sending out emails when an order is placed.
  • Print Invoices & Packing lists: Provides additional options for printing out invoices and a packing slip.

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